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Performance Data Services offers over 25 years of business-to-business (B2B) and electronic data interchange (EDI) expertise to help you succeed.  We specialize in helping growing businesses to implement demanding B2B and EDI requirements of today.

Whether our service is provided by solutions, consulting, training, or outsourced to our managed solutions, your business will succeed and take control of your B2B, EDI, custom application integration, and electronic delivery challenges.

Service Based EDI


To meet the demanding needs of growing businesses, PDS offers Service Based EDI (PDS SBEDI) service. PDS SBEDI is a proven B2B implementationthat brings together best of breed productsfrom IBM and Microsoft, along with over 25 years of expertise.  With PDS SBEDI, we perform all B2B and EDI related tasks on behalf of your business.  We understand growing business needs: you want to save time and focus on what you do best, your business.  That’s why we provide a simple to use, web-based interface that is custom designed to meet your business process, and don’t force you to use a static interface like our competitors do.  You are only charged a low monthlymaintenance fee along with usage fees.  Some restrictions apply.


  • Lower total cost of ownership.
  • Enhanced efficiency through included customization.
  • Trading partner relationships managed by PDS SBEDI.
  • Trading partner testing and certification managed by PDS SBEDI.
  • Spend significantly less time on day-to-day EDI operations.
  • Import invoice, ASN, or other outbound documents from your back-end application, or use included document turnaround feature to save 90% of manual data entry, customized to your needs.
  • Focus on what you do best, your core business expertise.
  • Use PDS SBEDI anywhere you have access to Internet browser.  Work from home or office.

Save Money

  • Save money on hardware.  No need to purchase and maintain in-house EDI server.
  • Save money on software.  No need to purchase and pay for annual software license for EDI, communication software, or data mapping software.
  • Save money on consulting.   No need to hire consultants to build customized EDI process.  No need to hire consultants to integrate with back-end applications.
  • Save money on staff.  No need to have dedicated in-house staff to maintain EDI.  Minimize EDI knowledge transfer and downtime.


  • Supports VAN, AS2, FTP.
  • Supports ANSI X.12 and EDIFACT messages.
  • Supports proprietary flat file and XML formats for exporting and importing back-end application data.


Thank you for visiting our website.  Any inquiries, questions, and comments are welcome.  Please email info@pdsite.com or more information.  You can also reach us at 714.323.4105.